Do you have to stick with OE Tires ?

Posted on May 25, 2016

With so many choices for tires on estbnh you may wonder whether you should stick to the original equipment tires (the ones installed on your vehicle when you bought it) or try something different. Some people may lean towards installing a new set of the OE tires but is it always the right move?

That simply depends on what you want from your vehicle. Car manufacturers usually install a tire that makes the most of your car. If you drive a luxury car, most likely your manufacturer will have installed tires that have a plush, quiet ride. However, if you drive a sports car then your manufacturer will have installed tires that enjoy better traction and road handling.

So, if you seem to be happy with your cars performance then installing OE tires would be the right move, but if let's say, you want more fuel efficiency from your sports car then you will most likely want to change to a tire with lower rolling resistance.  Touring tires will emphasize comfort and low noise, while ultra-high performance tires will focus on exceptional handling.

To summarize, we don’t recommend changing from OE tires if you're happy with the performance of your car, we also don’t recommend sticking to them if you aren’t happy with the performance. So, enjoy browsing and choosing the best tire for you and your car.